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Thomas Telford
Thomas Telford was born in 1757 at Glendinning, Dumfriesshire where his father, who died shortly after his birth, was a shepherd. Raised by his mother, he attended school and served an apprenticeship to a mason, during which time he learned to carve and build with stone. Amongst his may achievements was the construction of the Caledonian Canal.

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History of the Redcliffe Hotel & Restaurant, Inverness

Built circa 1790 of a unique red grained sandstone, which is still in evidence today, number one Gordon Terrace only became a hotel around 50 years ago. Not unaquainted with catering for guests there is a long history of providing lodgings for visiting merchants and professionals.

Its most famous guest is reputedly that of Thomas Telford, the renowned Scottish Civil Engineer who, during his time in Inverness overseeing the construction of the Caledonian Canal (1801-1810) stayed at the Redcliffe.

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